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For office interior design and renovation in Hong Kong, many people usually focus on how to look good, how to design, and so on. But actually, the first and most important step is graphic space planning. With comprehensive planning that matches the company’s business operations, we can dive deep into office renovation design to fulfil Hong Kongs corporation’s various needs.

Today’s Hong Kong office interior design has become more flexible and agile. The layout can be changed at any time to meet different needs and maximize the flexibility of the use of space. Professional office interior designers take into account the needs and styles of clients and match the nature of their business to highlight their brand image. They also pay attention to the layout plan of office decoration design.

In recent years, open-plan workplace design has become popular in Hong Kong. Apart from conference rooms, even the boss does not have a room, enhancing communication within the company. However, this work environment is not so friendly when employees need to talk on the phone. Therefore, telephone booths are one of the popular workplace designs in Hong Kong, specially designed for office use have appeared lately. “Telephone booth” products with sound insulation and privacy effect can improve the modern office environment’s shortcomings while providing a stress-free, open working environment away from office desks.

office design
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office design

Before kicking off office/office building decoration design and renovation in Hong Kong, we should find out if the building has any special requirements. Many commercial buildings require approval of plans, ceiling plans, and electrical layout plans before any renovation work can begin. Therefore, we suggest the client should submit the office renovation plans to the Hong Kong building management office 2-3 weeks before taking possession to buy time.

An office with environmentally friendly interior design elements has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. “LEED” and “BEAM Plus” are common and internationally recognized organizations. In addition to air quality and energy efficiency, the locations to buy materials are also important because the cost of fuel for transportation is taken into account.

Office Reception design

Reception Design 

In addition, the reception area design holds significant workspace within Hong Kong corporations. Reception design is an important element that allows visitors to have a glimpse of your company’s culture and background. The harmonic atmosphere created in the reception area, regardless of warm or elegant, brings a positive impact on the visitors and also improves your employees’ sense of belonging. A good reception design can fully express the professional style of both small start-ups and large corporations. Choosing suitable seats and durable materials can make visitors feel comfortable and have good impressions. A leather sofa is one of the most popular choices. In recent years, some chairs with a sense of design are made of leather. It is not only easier to clean than cloth but also more stylish.

Office Reception design

Office Design FAQ

Why would a project result in over-expenditure?2024-03-26T18:52:44+08:00

Although Hong Kong’s office renovation is a complicated process, if the preliminary preparation work is done well and the requirements are clearly expressed, there would usually be no over-expenditure. If the unit belongs to a relatively old building, deterioration of internal structure, such as damaged steel reinforcement, will be discovered during demolition, resulting in additional costs.

What do I need to pay attention to while signing the contract?2024-03-26T18:54:04+08:00
  1. Check to make sure the interior design contract specifies the correct quantity of supplies.
  2. The time required for the project should be specified.
  3. The length of the maintenance period should be specified. The more detailed the quotation, the better.
How long does it take on average to renovate?2024-03-26T18:55:26+08:00

It generally takes 20-40 days for Hong Kong companies’ office renovation work. But of course, it depends on the size and the project’s requirements. Residential renovation work takes a little more time.

I found an office interior design photo online that I like, but I’m not sure if your workers can do it. Or should I reach out to an interior design company?2024-03-28T11:34:59+08:00

In general, workers might not be able to create the effect based on photos. Instead, they might ask clients to provide plans or require external designers to create plans. Therefore, simply choosing a Hong Kong interior design company with a one-stop service is a good choice.

What are the types of work that are not usually contracted by the design company and I need to seek help somewhere else? What do I need to do to facilitate the design company’s work?2024-03-26T18:58:46+08:00

It mainly covers appointed contractor work for some buildings, such as air conditioning, fire protection, water supply and drainage, or something related to public areas. If clients have their construction team, they have to inform us, the interior design company, so that we can communicate with them.

How many kinds of decoration materials can I choose from? Will the quality of materials be less value for money after I place an order with the design company?2024-03-26T19:00:15+08:00

Our “Design & Build” quotation lists fees for materials and manpower separately. Designers first select materials that are suitable for the Hong Kong office design plan. Clients can also choose the materials they prefer regarding the unit prices on the quotation.

In the renovation process, will I be able to contact the designers? Will I be only able to contact the staff of the design company, resulting in communication problems and thus unsatisfactory results?2022-05-31T17:59:35+08:00

Our designers follow up with our clients from the beginning of initial planning until project completion. Our designers communicate with clients via WhatsApp any time.

How to compensate for the cost of construction time?2024-03-26T19:00:58+08:00

Most Hong Kong contractors will list the office renovation project time on the quotation. If the project is delayed, the customer is entitled to the terms of extra compensation. Therefore, when customers choose an interior design company, they should understand the content and terms of the quotation.

How is interior design service being charged?2024-03-26T19:02:59+08:00

Regarding office renovation and workplace design fees in Hong Kong, many people think that it should be cheaper to directly find a renovation master. However, the fee for finding another interior designer is often overlooked. If the master cannot work well together with the interior designer appointed by the client, it will lead to a greater chance of delay in the renovation project. It is therefore recommended to find some one-stop companies for design & decoration. A full set of design drawings usually includes 3D renderings, floor plans, ceiling drawings, electrical drawings and construction drawings of the whole Hong Kong workplace design. Interior design fees are usually charged as a percentage of the project cost.

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