Our designers follow up with our clients from the beginning of initial planning until project completion. Our designers communicate with clients via WhatsApp any time.

Our quotation lists fees for materials and manpower separately. Designers first select materials that are suitable for the design plan. Clients can also choose the materials they prefer with reference to the unit prices on the quotation.

It mainly covers appointed contractor work for some buildings, such as air conditioning, fire protection, water supply and drainage, or something related to public areas. If clients have their own I.T. departments or security vendors, they have to inform us so that we can communicate with them.

In general, workers might not be able to create the effect based on photos. Instead, they might ask clients to provide plans or require external designers to create plans. Therefore, simply choosing an interior design company with one-stop service is a good choice.

It generally takes 20-40 days for office renovation work. But of course, it depends on the size and the project’s requirements. Residential renovation work takes a little more time.

  1. Check to make sure the contract specifies the correct quantity of supplies.
  2. The time required for the project should be specified.
  3. The length of maintenance period should be specified. The more detailed the quotation, the better.

If the preliminary preparation work is done well and the requirements are clearly expressed, there would usually be no over-expenditure. If the unit belongs to a relatively old building, deterioration of internal structure, such as damaged steel reinforcement, will be discovered during demolition, resulting in additional costs.